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正天新材料技術有限公司| セラミック基板の多様化する製品需要に対応するための共同焼成と研削加工

  The rapid advancement of contemporary technology accentuates the pivotal role of ceramic substrates as the cornerstone of technological progress, underscoring their indispensable significance. Whether in the realms of electronics, automotive engineering, or medical applications, ceramic substrates assume critical roles owing to their outstanding performance and versatile applications. Particularly noteworthy is the emergence of new materials, such as aluminum nitride ceramics and silicon nitride ceramics, which have significantly enhanced the performance of ceramic substrates. These materials exhibit heightened thermal conductivity and lower dielectric constants, thereby rendering ceramic substrates exceptionally proficient in high-frequency and high-power applications. Our company specializes in the production of ceramic substrates fabricated from silicon nitride (Si3N4) and […]



With the development of integrated circuits, the integration level and power density of semiconductor devices have significantly increased. Consequently, the heat generated by corresponding operations has dramatically risen. According to statistics, as high as 55% of high-power device failures are caused by heat. To address the heat dissipation issue in circuits, it is essential to first identify the components within the electronic packaging system that affect heat dissipation. As the carrier of integrated circuit chips, the substrate is in direct contact with the circuit, and thus the heat generated by the circuit needs to be dissipated outward through the substrate. In order to facilitate better heat dissipation for the circuit, […]